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Better than ever: the new plunger-type tandem solution

When it comes to making good products even better, we are experts – and optimising one single feature is not always enough for us. The best example of this is the plunger tandem master cylinder (plunger TMC). It has so many more advantages than its predecessors that it can only be referred to as trend-setting – until we work on it some more, that is...

Compact and lightweight

Less is more! The compact design of the plunger TMC is ideal for small installation spaces – it has only half as many components as a conventional part with a central valve, so we’ve saved almost 20% in weight.

Robust and a long service life

Smaller seals mean that hardly any elastic deformations can occur. The advantage here is minimal fluid displacement. Dirt and wear also have little chance of success, because the sealing cups are mounted in the housing.

Suitable for ABS

The demands on the master brake cylinder are particularly high in vehicles with ABS, but the plunger TMC meets every aspect of these demands.

Features & benefits

  • Minimal fluid displacement
  • Minimal pressure difference between pressure and floating circuits
  • Good bleeding properties
  • Durability against dirt and wear
  • Longer life cycle
  • Here also, ATE uses the OE expertise of Continental

Technical Data

  • ABS-capable in central valve design
  • Low throttling and after-suction resistance
  • Different product versions, for example with brake fluid expansion reservoir
  • Cr+6-free surface for vehicles built from 07/2003 – in compliance with the EU ELV directive

Practical - the modular system

The plunger TMC has a diameter of 14.29 to 31.75 mm and is available with strokes up to 46 mm.

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